SEO is an art to rank a website in search results. So, today I will breakdown 7 advanced SEO secrets that you must know right now. 

seo secrets

So, let’s get started. 


I think you might hear this name before. This is a deep concept of SEO. Websites with a niche like Finance, Government, Health, etc. have to use this new principal.

So, what exactly is E.A.T?

E.A.T means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. In simple language, a few benchmarks that Google uses to check the quality of the websites are E.A.T. Google’s algorithms have trained to give the only results that can genuinely help the user.

The Conclusion is that algorithms are now become ingenious to avoid the content that is not trusted and can misinform or deceive the user.

For example, if you are trying to rank a website that does not have the reliable content then it will be much hard for you.

You might be thinking that what is the solution for this?

I will tell you, you have to provide genuine and reliable content to people on which they can trust. You do not have to misinform the user. Also, create some backlinks from trusted sites to get some trust of algorithms on you.

One more example, if you are trying to rank a News website. And you do not provide the right information on your website, then the algorithms will not rank your website.

So, provide reliable, trusted and high-quality content to your audience. Do not cheat them. Make some effort in creating high-quality content. 

SSL Certification:

Many people spend a lot of money on designing his website. Only some of them know how the web works. A majority of people never look for SSL Certification. Most browsers show the non-HTTPS website as insecure. Also, it will put a bad impression of your website on the user. 

secrets of seo

Moreover, his trust on your website decreases. So, to grab some trust of users, buy the SSL Certificate. The main benefit of the SSL Certificate is that when a user visits your website then he will trust your website as he will not see a warning like this “This Website is not secure.”, etc. Therefore, it will be more engaging and it will increase the time spent of a user on your website. And decreases the bounce rate. 

Inspect the website for URL with 404-error code:

This could be one of the main reasons your website doesn’t rank. And the solution of this is to inspect your website for broken links or dead links. 
seo tips

And if you find even a single dead link then either remove it or replace it to another link.

Submit Sitemap:

If you want to rank your website, then always submit the sitemap after publishing the post. Because when Google does not know about your website then how can he rank it in his search results. And if you want to know how to submit a sitemap to Google, then Click here.

Increase your Site speed:

Your website loading speed matters a lot in the ranking. Because algorithms want to show the fast loading and relevant websites to users in search results. And if you want to know your website speed, then there is a free tool provided by Google named ‘PageSpeed Insights’.
If your score is more than 90, then don’t worry, your website loads faster. But if your website score below 90, then you need to pay attention, and try to increase your website score. All the problems that reduce your website speed will be shown there. The higher the score the higher the site speed is. 

Responsive Design:

Having a responsive design is required today. According to research, almost 54% of users are on Mobile. Also, if your design will be not responsive then you will lose many mobile users. So, create a responsive design for your website. 

Target your Audience:

You probably heard that ‘Content is King”. And I also told this in my other posts. But your audience will read your content. Therefore, the Audience is King. 

seo secrets

Content can be identified as a tool but the audience is the real king. So make content user friendly and easily readable. And Target your audience to create great content. 


Today, we have discussed a lot of points.

Here is a summary:

   o E.A.T.

   o SSL Certification.

   o Inspect the website for URL with 404-error code.

   o Submit Sitemap.

   o Increase your Site speed.

   o Responsive Design.

   o Target your Audience.

So, Guys! Thanks for the time.


  1. This article is completely different from others and also very informative post. You have mentioned almost everything that is needed to optimise a webite.

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Any suggestions are welcome. :)


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