What is web hosting? To know more about it stay tuned with us and read this article. Here we told you that what is web hosting?

what is web hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service from which you can create a website of your own on the internet. It allows you to save all the data of your website on it. You can say that this is the home of your website on the internet where your website lives. When a user visits your website on a browser, then all the information and content everything shown on the screen has shown through your web hosting. It will allow everyone to access your website. All the data of your website has saved on the server of your web hosting. Just like you save your photos, videos, personal files, etc. on your computer, all the data of your website has saved on web hosting. So this allows users to access your website.

In Technical terms-
A web hosting provides you a server for your website where you can store all the data on your website. So that anyone can visit your website. That’s it.
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