A Domain Name is the most important term to create a website. So, before buying a domain name, know about it. So read this article carefully.

What is Domain Name?

what is domain

Basically, a domain name is the name of your website. In Simple Words, if your website is your home on the internet, then the domain name of your website will be the address of your home on the internet. Mean that the domain name is the name of your website, which people search in the browser to visit your website. For example, if you want to visit our website, then you will type www.techdiffuser.in in the address bar. And then you will come to our website.

In Technical terms, the Internet is a large network of computers connected. And they can communicate with other computers. There is an IP address assigned for every computer to identify them. But IP address is a combination of letters and numbers. It looks like this ‘’, and because every website has a unique IP address. So it is difficult to memorize the IP addresses for all the websites. So that Domain names are used. It will make this whole process easier.

Now, let’s see how a domain works?

How Domain Names work:

There are few companies in the market which provide us domain names, but how they provide it to us.

how a domain works

I’ll tell you, they gave us a name and register it to their database and when we register that domain name to a web-hosting then they register our domain name to the IP address of that web hosting. And then when we type that domain name in the browser’s search bar. Then this request goes to the DNS Service Provider, and when DNS service provider finds your domain registered there. Then Your DNS Service provider sends a request to the server associated with your domain. And then from your web hosting your website loads on the screen. That’s it. I hope, you understand this.

Now, let’s talk about how should be our domain name?

How should be our domain name:

It should be matched to the content of our website. For example- Our website name is 'www.techdiffuser.in' and I also upload the content related to Tech. So It works as a keyword for ranking in Google. First, decide which type of content you will upload on your website. And then you have to find top keywords related to your website’s niche. And then select a domain name that has your keyword. It will help your website to rank on Google search results when someone searches for something related to your keyword.

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It will definitely help you create a new website for yourself.
That’s all.

I Hope, you understand that what is a domain name, how it works and how your domain name should be?
Thanks for the time.


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