Network Marketing is a fast-growing business for people who want to earn money. Today you will get the complete knowledge about Network Marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a business opportunity, in which distributors have to create their networks of people, so that distributors increase the sale of the company in which they work. 

network marketing

And get commission according to the sale.

Concept of Network Marketing:

The basic concept of network marketing is ‘recommending the products of a company to people.’ And if people buy the products of that company by recommending, then that distributor gets a commission of that sale. So, this is the basic concept of Network Marketing.

Advantages of Network Marketing:

1. With Network Marketing, You can manage your time for work, mean that you can do this work as a part-time job.

2. Network Marketing provides you passive income, which you can’t earn by a job.

3. In-Network Marketing, you will meet thousands of people, and by discussing with so many peoples. You can take your knowledge to the next level. And also you get much more experience than a normal life.

4. Network Marketing provides you an opportunity to be the Boss of yourself. It completely depends on you that, when you have to work or when not. You don’t have to listen to your boss as a job.

Disadvantages of Network Marketing:

1. The Most Important thing that you need to build your network is good communication skills. And this is I think the biggest disadvantage of Network Marketing. Because some people don’t have good communication skills. And because of it, they can’t do network marketing.

2. The second problem is that, in network marketing you can’t go beyond a point or a level, where your business growth gets steady.


Network Marketing is a business opportunity for everyone who wants to earn money. Through this business you get passive income. So, if you want to get passive income, then Network Marketing will be one of the best businesses in the world.

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