Keyword Density is the percentage of a keyword compared to the words used in a website.

keyword density

It is a basic concept of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). But before using keywords on your website, it is most important for you to know about Keyword Density.

So, let's learn about it.

What is Keyword Density?

As I already told you that "It refers to the percentage of times a keyword used in a website compared to the total words used. Sometimes, it is also known as ,"Keyword Frequency". Now, we know that what is keyword density? Let's learn how to calculate it?

How to Calculate it?

To calculate it, you can use a simple mathematics formula. You divide the number of total words in a post by the number of keywords used and multiply it by 100. And the result is the keyword density of your post or page.

Keyword Density = Number of times a keyword used/Total words*100

What should be the keyword density for your website?

Officially, Google tells nothing about the Keyword density. You can search, but you will not find any guidelines from Google that tells the exact value of it for a website. 

But from the experience of peoples who had been doing blogging for years and years, your keyword density in your post or page should not be over 3 to 4%. This is the maximum keyword density good for your website. 

And if you use higher keyword density in your posts or pages, then it will give a bad effect on your website and that could be counted as a spam. And the disadvantage of it is that your website has been ignored by search engines like Google, etc. So you don't have to do keyword stuffing. 
Keyword Stuffing, is this a new word for you? Let's also see it.

Keyword Stuffing:

Approximately, in 2010 when there were not enough websites on the internet and SEO was not much improved, then a technique became very popular which name is 'keyword stuffing'. And what it means is to put as many keywords as possible in a post. 

keyword stuffing

Which makes the sense of the posts unnatural. And that technique worked at that time, but in the present time, there are over billions of websites available on the internet. 

So, now it is not so easy to rank a website on search engines and SEO has been also improved in the present time. So this trick did not work in the present time. 

So avoid keyword stuffing else it will be difficult for you to rank your website in search engines. And as much as possible tries to make your post natural. 


Your keyword density should be no more than 3 to 4%.
You should avoid Keyword Stuffing in your website.
Tries to make your post natural.

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