How to Rank a Website on Google?

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how to rank a website on google

Do you know what Google ranking mean? I’ll tell you, it means to bring your website in search results.

But how will you do it? I’ll tell you, you have to just apply all the tips to all of your web pages on your website and posts. And after some days of it you will find your website is ranking on google. 
So, pay attention and read this article.

1. Add keywords in Meta descriptions:

When you write a post on your website, add a meta description to your post but you can say "I already knew this" but the new thing is you have to add keywords in your meta descriptions.
 One more thing, don’t write keywords directly As- google analytics, link building, On-page SEO, social media, etc. Write the keywords in such a way that makes a sentence. For example - if your main keyword is ‘site ranking’ then you can write like this ‘Learn Site ranking for free in simple language.’
 And some people face the problem that Google is not showing your meta description, it is because they don’t use keywords in meta descriptions. If they use keywords in meta descriptions, then if anyone finds your website in search results by your keyword, the right meta description will appear there definitely.

2. Do keyword research:

I already told you to use keywords. But now, the question is how to find keywords. So for keyword research you can use google official tool which is ‘keyword planner’. You can use it for free.
If you had opened a new website, then you have to use only low competition keywords, on which your website will rank earlier. And your website will grow.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords in Posts:

To improve your Google rankings, use Long-tail keywords in your posts. Before going ahead first know what long-tail keywords are. I Wanna tell you that long-tail keywords are long keywords. Meaning that long-tail keywords have more characters.
You can create long-tail keywords by adding some words to your main keywords. For example - if your main keywords are ‘link building strategies’ or ‘small business’ then you can use keywords like ‘tips for link building strategies’ or ‘how to grow small business’ etc. in your blog posts. 

4. Create User-Friendly content:

Write the posts in such a way that is user friendly because if anyone reads the article on your website for more time than google thinks your articles are good and user friendly so that users are reading your articles for more time.
 It drops a good impression to google for your website. And Google ranks your posts. This is the key to success in blogging.

5. Create In-depth content:

To get success in blogging, provide in-depth content to your audience. If you are explaining something to your audience, then explain as much as deeply as you can. 
So that your audience will get everything that they want in a single website. They don’t have to browse more. So write the posts deeply as much as possible. And if you write in-depth content, then it will also become easy for search engines to find and understand your post. 
And there is one more benefit of it and that is your audience will consider you as a genius. 

6. Decrease the loading time of your website:

To rank your website on google, your website should be faster than others. Because Google ranks fast-loading websites in search results. To improve your website loading speed you can use ‘page speed insights’ provided by Google. You use that tool. 
You can see the score of your website there, if your score is below 90 then you should take immediate action to make your website faster. There you can see the reasons that are slowing your website. And by resolving all the problems, your website becomes faster.

7. Give links to other trusted websites:

This is a great option to make you popular on the internet. You should give the links to other websites that have the content that matches your website. 
Because when you give the links of other websites in your website than others will give the link of your website on his websites. And it creates backlinks which is necessary to rank a website on google. 
And it also increases your traffic. So make a habit to link other trusted websites to your website. And if you have less or no backlinks, then it is most important for you. 

8. Create Unique Content:

To make your website searchable, create some interesting and unique content for your audience. Your content should be something different from others. 
If your audience finds your content knowledge full, interesting and unique, then every time he searches anything on google he will look for your website because they know that they will find something different there. 
So, always try to make the content something different and unique.

9. Add keywords in your post URL:

You should create a custom URL for every post and web page on your website. And in that URL your main keyword must be included. The benefit of this is that it increases the chances to rank your website on the first page of google. So always add a keyword in the URL.

10. Publish the content regularly:

If you want to succeed in blogging then you should become serious with blogging. You should regularly publish the posts and make it a daily habit. You should upload a post daily. And If you want to grow your website or blog then you must upload posts daily. 


To rank your website on google, you have to apply all the above points to your website or blog. This will definitely help you rank your blog or website to Google. And I think now you will not search anymore on google like this ‘how to SEO a website’ or ‘how to rank a website on google’ or ‘website SEO’ etc.
Let’s see one more time what we learned today?

1.     Add keywords in Meta descriptions.
2.     Do keyword research.
3.     Use Long-Tail Keywords in Posts.
4.     Create User-Friendly content.
5.     Create In-depth content.
6.     Decrease the loading time of your website.
7.     Give links to other trusted websites.
8.     Create Unique Content.
9.     Add keywords in your post URL.
    10. Publish the content regularly.

how to rank website on google

# Bonus Tip

If you want to succeed in blogging, then this is a bonus tip for you. You search that keyword on google to whom you want to rank your website’s posts. And open the top 5 pages shown on the search results. 
And Investigate, all of them. Check how many words, how many images, how many video clips, and which keywords are used in those pages. And try to use more words, more keywords, more images and more video clips than those pages. 
One more important thing is that also check for the links given in those posts. And include more quality links than those pages in your post and apply all the points I mentioned above in your post and then publish your post. And see after some days that your website is ranking on the top 5 websites in Google search results. 

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