YouTube is the second most visiting website in the world. You can earn money through YouTube. Today I will show you how to make money on YouTube.

how to make money on youtube

Please read the whole article, so that you will get the right and complete knowledge.

1. Create a YouTube Channel:

If you want to make money through YouTube, then you have to create a YouTube channel. There are some requirements for creating a YouTube channel.

Those are the requirements:

   o You should have a Google Account. If you don’t have then create one.

   o You should have a mobile no. through which you will verify your channel.

That is all. If you fulfill both requirements. Then, you can create a YouTube channel.

Now, you are all set to create a YouTube channel. Now go to and create a YouTube channel. It’s not rocket science. You can create it easily through the instructions given there.

See this video for step-by-step tutorial:

How to create a YouTube channel?

One more thing, you have to verify your channel through your mobile number for using custom thumbnails in your videos. You can also do it easily.

2. Customize your Channel:

Now, It is the time to customize your channel. Create a professional logo of your channel. And create an attractive channel art. Set it on your channel. Become ready to make videos for your channel.

3. Make Videos:

The next step is creating videos. So, find out some topics and keywords. Create Energetic and user-friendly videos. Upload the videos on your channel. But you have to make your videos SEO friendly. For that, read the next step.

4. Make your videos SEO friendly:

To make your videos SEO friendly, do some keyword research. To find keywords, you can use Ahrefs YouTube keyword tool. This is one of the best tools available for free. So, before creating videos, do some keyword research and find out some low competition and high search volume keywords.

Now, the time to make your videos optimized.

   o Add your main keywords in your title.

   o Add your main keywords in your video’s descriptions

      like this -

      Related queries:

       1. How to earn money on YouTube?

       2. How to make money on YouTube?

       3. Use HashTags (#yourkeyword) in your video descriptions.

   o Add keywords in Tags Section.

   o Use Clickable thumbnails.

5. Make videos watchable:

Your videos should be watchable. If anyone clicks on it, then he watched your video at least 70%. Mean that your audience retention should be more than 70%. If your audience retention is more than 70% then your video will be shown in the YouTube Browse feature and suggested feature.

So, try to create suspense in your video, and reveal it after almost 60% of your video.

It will increase your Audience retention and helps you to grow your channel. If you use the tip I told you then I’m sure your channel will grow 10x faster.

6. Sign Up to Google Adsense:

In 2020, if you want to earn money through YouTube then the simplest way is Google Adsense. But for signing up in Google Adsense there is a minimum requirement that your channel must have a minimum of 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers. And I already told you a trick to grow your channel fastly in the upper paragraph.

Now, start making money from YouTube.

Thanks for the time.


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