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In The Present Time, every person wants to know how to create a Website without the knowledge of Web Development or Coding. 
Now, If You want to create a website for your business or for yourself, you can create it yourself using the right sources and tools.

Today, I will show you how you can create a website yourself with no website builders or freelancers.

How to Create a Website?

For Creating Your Own Website You will need some things listed below:
  • A Domain Name (Example : )
  • Web Hosting ( a service that will host your website.)

For Creating a website You will need these 2 things. Without these things you cannot create a website. If you have both of them, then you can create a WordPress website. You might think 'Wordpress', this is not on our list. I'll told you that Wordpress is a free and most popular website building platform which is used by most of the websites on the Internet. 

Creating a Wordpress Website is a so simple process. After this guide, you will create your own website on Wordpress.
Before Creating a Website, let's see a brief description of the things needed to create the website.

Domain Name:  Basically, a domain is a name of your website. For example- you are reading this article on the website '' so that this is the domain name of this website. You can read this article for more information.

Web Hosting:  Web Hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to post a website on the Internet.

Now you know about the things needed to create a website.

So, Let's see the steps to build a website.

1. Choose and buy the domain name.

2. Buy a Web Hosting and sign up with domain name.
3. Install Wordpress in your Web-hosting.
4. Customize your website.
5. Now post your content and create important pages.

  That's it. Let's talk about it in detail.

1. Choose and Buy a Domain Name:

First of all, you have to choose a domain name that matches the content of your website, as my website's domain name is '', because here I upload the content related to 'Tech'. So, You should have the domain name related to the niche of your website. And If your selected domain is not available then you have to choose a different one, which also relates to the niche of your website. And One more thing, you have to choose only Top-Level Domain like- .com, etc. 

2. Buy a Web Hosting and sign up with domain name:

You have to also buy a web-hosting. So you can create a website on it. We recommend you to buy the web-hosting and domain from a single website so it will be easier to add the domain name to web-hosting. And Some Companies also offers free domain name registration with Web-Hosting.

Before Buying any Web-Hosting Service makes sure that Your Web-Hosting has the following features:
  • Free Domain Name with the SSL Certificate.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Wordpress Installation in One-Click.
  • Customer Support.

If your Web-Hosting Company offers these features at an affordable price, then you should buy it and register your domain name with Web-Hosting.

3. Install Wordpress in your Web-hosting:

If you had bought a web-hosting and registered your domain in web-hosting then you will have to install Wordpress application on your Web-Hosting. It is simple-click process. But if your web-hosting did not have the one-click installation feature, then you can also install it manually.

4. Customize Your Website:

To make your website attractive, customize your website. Here are some steps:

(i) Find a theme suitable for your website:

To make your website looks good and attractive, apply a theme on your website. There are many themes in Wordpress, you can choose any of them and apply it to your Website. If you did not like any theme out of them, still you have options, there are thousands of free and paid themes available on the internet. You can use any of them. But at all your website should look attractive.

(ii) Make a Logo of your Website and set it:

You should make a logo for your website that represents your website. You have not made your logo more colorful, instead of it, make your logo simple and attractive, which represents your website in a better way. When you have a logo, set it to your website. That's all I am telling you is simple. You can do it easily. 

(iii) Add a Sidebar:

To make your website attractive and looks good you can do another thing and that is adding a sidebar. Yes, you can say sidebar, How it makes our website attractive. But Using Sidebar Our website looks some more Techy and Simplified. 

(iv) Change the colors and fonts of the theme:

Colors are the basic point of a thing in looking. And it also applies to your website. Your Website theme colors should create a feeling like- happiness. So, choose the colors of your theme like- the color of text, background, etc. which give the user a great experience and in the future he will visit your website. So You have to choose colors in such a way that makes the user happy with your website. You don't have to use many crispy colors.

And The Font used in your Website not be looking old, as it throws a bad impression on the user, use the font in which your website looks Modern, Techy and Simple. 

(v) Now post your content and create important pages.

Now, time to create some important pages like- About, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, etc. You should create these pages, because if a user wants to see your privacy policy or anything else, they can see. And start writing your posts, which is user friendly.

Thanks for the time.


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